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Manager Ruben Verdonck
Former managers None
Appearances 1
First appearance EGP#00
Best result
Worst result
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Belguim has participated in the Europa Grand Prix 1 times, debuting in the test edition.

History of Belguim in the EGPEdit

Belguim debuting at test edition .

Belguim Will choose by  Ruben Verdonck , so far still not decied song


Ed    Host     Artist     Title    Final    Pts    Semi    Pts    
00 Sweden-flag-48-px-icon-image-pictureMalmo TBD TBD XX XX XX XX
  • XX on Semi Finals denotes auto-qualification. This could be due to the fact that the country ended up in the top five in previous contest or one of the country in top five in previous edition withdraws.
  • XX on Finals denotes an unsuccessful attempt to qualify to the final.